Product Line

EUROLINE manufactures various types of plants for the production of waterproofing bitumen membrane and products, able to satisfy all production requirements

Bituminous Membrane
Product Line

EUROLINE manufactures various types of plants for the production of waterproofing bitumen membrane and products, able to satisfy all production requirements: plants for the production of APP-SBS modified bitumen membranes or oxidized bitumen sheets; plants for the production of self-adhesive membranes with or without reinforcement; bitumen shingles plants.

Besides complete plants, EUROLINE can also supply sections of production line and equipment to modify and upgrade any existing plants in order to improve the production capacity, the efficiency and the quality of the final products.

EUROLINE’s range of machinery and equipment can fulfill any production necessity according to the type of products to be manufactured and to the production capacity requested by the customers, EUROLINE can offer the most suitable manufacturing system solution.



EUROLINE manufactures various types of production line for bituminous waterproofing membrane:
• line for the production of APP-SBS-S.A. modified bitumen membranes carrier or carrier less;
• line for bituminous-asphalt roof underlayment

The EUROLINE production line is the top of the technology with a high level of automation
and a lot of other advantages:
• High efficiency
• High speed
• Excellent quality for the waterproofing membranes
• Reduced maintenance
• Low consumption energy (only 90 kW of installed power)
• Higher flexibility
• High safety (reduced noise, etc) standard
• Reduction of CO2 emission




This machinery unwinds the reinforcement securely and easily.
Using this equipment the operator doesn’t need to move shaft
or metal cones, so the operator works in safety conditions.

Main features:
• No shaft system
• Device for automatic centering of the reinforcement
• Safety device to avoid accidental opening
• Signal for end-bobbins
• Tension control system
• Roll core diameter from: 65mm to 190mm
• Maximum roll diameter: 1400mm
• Maximum core length: 1250mm


With this innovative equipment it’s possible to carry out pre-impregnation and multi-coating during the manufacturing process of bituminous waterproofing membrane.

With this equipment it’s possible to manufactures:

  • Multi-compound bituminous waterproofing membrane
  • Self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane
  • Bituminous/asphalt roof underlayment
  • Equipment main data
  • Mechanical speed: up to 120 m/1′
  • Compact: 3.5-5m long

Main features

  • Perfect control of thickness on the top and on the bottom surface
  • Variation of line speed does not affect the thickness of the membrane as this is guaranteed by the calendering system
  • There isn’t any risk of cross contamination of the compounds
  • The impregnation tank and coating tank are completely enclosed and this special protection thus guaranteeing additional safety for the operator





This is high speed roll winder for rolls of various lengths and up to a maximum diameter of 340mm. The use of belt drives in winder instead of chains has significantly reduced the noise generated by the machine.

The use of belt drives has greatly reduced maintenance and costs.

Main feature:

  • Automatic winding machine
  • High speed roll winder
  • Servomotor motorized
  • Online and offline taping unit
  • Special length control device
  • Expandable mandrel/spindle
  • Accurate and precise lenght measuring device
  • Expandable mandrel/spindle with grip mechanism


The automatic palletizer is a high-performance machine that can palletize up to 10 rolls/min of bituminous membrane. With this palletizer it’s possible to define the composition of the pallet thanks to the PLC according to the type of product to be palletized, various types of pallets, can be used.
The lay out of  the palletizer can be adjusted to the client’s needs.
This equipment has a special patent for roll transportation to prevent roundness of the rolls

• Second-third choice rejection system
• Label print system automatic or semi-automatic
• Thermoshirinking Hooding machine
• Roll transfert belt
• Vertical positioning system
• Automatic Stripping machine
• Automatic pallet Dispenser
• Shuttle delivery pallet


It is used to create an accumulation for the continuous production
without having to stop working during the exchange of the reinforcement.
The machinery provides an accumulation of about 300m
of reinforcement or 100m of membrane, in a limited space

Main features:
• High density capacity
• Tension control system
• Design adjustable with client needed



With this equipment it’s possible to apply polyethylene or other kinds of tissue textile in line or at 90 degree position in the production of bituminous waterproofing membrane.

Main features:

  • Tension control system proportional to the diameter
  • Automatic disc brake
  • Manual locking of the bobbin core
  • Double-fourth shaft with gearmotor rotation
  • Aligner
  • Bobbin diameter: up to 600mm


A high perfomance embossing station can be installed in a suitable position in the production line so that the lower surface of the membrane can be embossed with the appropriate design of embossing on our embossing roller.

This equipment produces a beautiful personalized surface and reduce the production costs.

Main features:

  • Embossing design based on client requirement
  • Better embossing efficiency in global market
  • Torque control to avoid tension
  • Best performances and characteristics using the same compound


This equipment permits to dose in a regular way on the bituminous waterproofing membranes surface slate-mineral-sand and other materials.

Main features:

  • Overall dimension: 1500 x 500 x 500mm
  • Special roll for slate-mineral-sand dosing
  • Special shaft to equalize the level of the slate-mineral-sand inside the doser
  • Easy cleaning
  • Sensor level
  • Frequency inverter control

Optional: special mineral doser for design shingle on the surface of the bituminous waterproofing membrane.

  • Easy to install
  • Wide design range based on client drawing
  • Multi-color and shadow design


This equipment splicing the edge of two reinforcements during the production in a fast, automatic and safety conditions.

Main features:

  •  Better reinforcement Junction
  •  No risk of burning hands
  •  Fast welding time


This device will be mounted between the impregnation tank and granular doser, and allow to deposit on the membrane transversely a strip of siliconized polyester, resistant to the temperature on the surface of the membrane just impregnated in the impregnation tank.

  • Up to 6 band/strip per minute
  • Different band size
  • All motorized movements


High performance system for inserction of a cardboard
core inside the membrane roll.

Main feature:
• Different size of cardboard core and sheet
• Special hopper/dosing unit
• Easy to apply on exisiting winders
• Really compact machinery
• Dramatic reduction of the stocking