EUROLINE is a leading company in the manufacturing of machinery and plants for the production of waterproofing bituminous membranes.


EUROLINE is a leading company in the manufacturing of machinery and plants for the productionof waterproofing bituminous membranes, asphalt shingles and laminated products.

Thanks to more than 35 years experience, EUROLINE has developed and improved its engineering solutions and can supply plants and equipment for both the production of waterproofing bitumen membranes and bitumen shingles as well as all the relative complementary machinery and peripheral installations. The main purpose of EUROLINE’s team is to support the customers step by step, from the choice of the most suitable manufacturing solution up to the completion of the installation, and to offer a global assistance: engineering consulting services, worldwide shipments, training of personnel, spare parts service, upgrades and maintenance services, development of new systems of production for new materials.

Thanks to the long and wide experience of EUROLINE’s management, several innovative systems have been developed and patented throughout these years and many others are under process.

One of the latest projects, patented recently and introduced to customers with great success, is the System for the recycling of bitumen membranes and bitumen shingles waste with any type of reinforcement and finishing. This system solves the problem of production waste and thus waste disposal costs. It has been designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Technology and innovation for a clean environment!!!

EUROLINE and it is young, active and experienced team are constantly working to reach new goals.